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On the streets

Walking the Streets Involves:

– Commiting to staying up with the journal posts

– Making an even deeper commitment to pray for us and for the broken of the world

– Find regular ways to serve the poor, either with us or with other powerful ministries that are around

– Partner with us financially

In the balcony

Commit to:

– Being involved by reading the regular posts

– Praying for us

– Find a way to engage the poor of the world

– Give a financial gift that allows us to do the work in the motels.

Jesus on Colfax Ministries is a Non-Profit organization committed to being the presence of Jesus on and around east Colfax. We put people above programs and work with each individual to connect them to resources within our organization and with our partnerships.

You can also mail your tax deductible donation to:
Payable to Jesus on Colfax, Send to Jesus on Colfax
PO Box 1584 Aurora, CO 80040

North Aurora is a vibrant and diverse community, but it also has more than its share of challenges. Among the challenges are public safety, economic disparities and siloed service agencies. Jesus on Colfax is a key leader in bringing individuals and community groups together to make important progress on our common goals. Mosaic Church of Aurora is pleased to partner with Jesus on Colfax in a number of ways and expects to build on this relationship in the coming years.

Reid Hettich, Pastor
Mosaic Church of Aurora