Greetings to all of you. It has been several weeks since I gave an update, so here is a quick one. I will do a more detailed one in a few weeks. 

The Campaign: Our goal is to raise $1 million to finish Phase One. To date, counting cash and commitments, we are pushing towards $350,000. We are grateful for that and those of you who have given. But we have a ways to go. So be in prayer as I am in many conversations around this. Pray for a generous spirit among God’s people. 

More Bumps With the City of Aurora: As you know, we thought we had a breakthrough with Aurora, after a year of struggle. Our plan was to raise $250,000 as “matching money,” do the parking lot and then get the money back to spend on the building, all by Christmas. However, when we got the agreement from them, we discovered some challenges. Primary is that the licensed bid we have does not meet some of their federal regulations. To meet them, we need new bids and will likely spend an extra 35%. So, that changes our plans. On the upside, they have given us a year to deal with this rather than three months which is helpful. Strategically, it makes more sense to do the building stuff first so we are pushing off the parking lot for now. We are thankful that a good chunk of the $250,000 we were raising in the match is from those of you who said “use it where needed.” For those of you who gave to match, we will likely be in touch on what that means for a new landscape. Stay posted. 

Enthusiasm: We have spent more time telling the story of JOC, our ministry and vision for the building. We have hosted some BBQ’s at the building with Greg Salinas and ASATT BBQ. We are touched by the enthusiasm of so many people for our work and ministry among the broken. So many of you care very deeply about it and about our friends. We are grateful for that. Keep telling others our story!

Prayer Support: Ever since Diane and I started JOC, over 5 years ago, we have been touched by the prayer support we and our friends have received. That has only deepened on this part of the journey with the building. Thanks to so many of you who are praying regularly for us, for our friends and also for everything we need to make the building functional. Keep it up! The challenge is big but God is bigger. 

Prayer Requests: 

  1. Pray for God’s financial provision and a heart of generosity among his people.

  2. Pray for wisdom for our leadership circle as we make complex decisions going forward.

  3. Pray for protection from all the evil one is doing to stop this project.

  4. Pray for our friends who struggle every day.

Like I said, a really quick update:) Stay tuned for more. Grateful for all of you.