Greetings from Colfax!  

This email update is overdue, but the stories from Colfax continue. We have seen birth and and we have seen death. We have stood in a circle and prayed with hundreds of people. We have both been propositioned! And we have walked through the middle of drug deals. In the middle of that, we have listened to stories of great heartache and have heard stories of deep faith in Jesus. 

Today I am sitting in a McDonalds that is just a couple of blocks away from the motel that Diane and I moved into a couple of weeks ago. As you know, we have been planning to move into the area and decided to live for a season in the motels where we serve. Right now, we call a room at The Ranger ho me. To give you a sense of the environment, I was sick from odors and who knows what for the first four days we were there! I am excited to let you know we have just launched our website, It is a bit of a work in progress, but it will tell you more about our ministry and how you can be involved with us. One of the things you will find on the website is my journal. I will be writing on roughly a weekly basis, detailing some of the stories that I alluded to above and how Jesus is at work in the lives of people here. We encourage you to follow along by becoming either an “in the balcony person” or an “on the street person”. Details on the website. 

Also, we are now set up to take donations directly via the website. We are in process of getting our own 501c3 and all donations directly to “Jesus on Colfax” will be retroactively tax-deductible which means we will issue statements at the end of the year. If you are one of our Canadian supporters, there is a link allowing your gift to be tax-deductible in Canada. We thank those of you who are supporting us financially. It allows us to be urban missionary pastors to the people Jesus has called us to serve. We do continue to need financial support.

There are several options:–Regular monthly contributions.–Paying for a week in the motel.–One time contributions.Finally, please pray for us as we enter further into this journey. The journal will begin to fill you in on specific prayer needs.  We are absolutely loving what Jesus has called us to among the people of East Colfax Avenue. We see Jesus everywhere and are honored to serve.