The JOC Building—Exciting things are happening!

At the very heart of our ministry is this: We show up and love people in the name of Jesus. Then, out of loving relationships we seek to help our friends find a path to a sustainable life. These actions of love take us into dark corners where we meet beautiful people.

But we have had—at the same time—a deep longing for a place where our broken friends and others in this broadly poor community could come and find a loving community, the healing presence of Jesus and practical help as they move forward in their lives.

That dream of a place was a vague notion in my mind when I spent my first day on Colfax. I dreamt of a larger space that could house multiple ministries, all loving and caring broadly for those trapped in poverty. On that day, I looked into the window of a building, saw mess strewn everywhere and felt God calling me to pray. Many of you know this story. After two years of prayer, God provided a way to buy what is actually 2 buildings—24,000 square feet on one of the worst blocks on East Colfax.

Finally, after 2 years of gutting the buildings, networking and praying, we are actively moving forward in our rehab of the 6,000 square foot older building, built in 1917. God has remarkably provided key pieces for the project—architects, a project manager, workers and at least a beginning on raising funds for this. While this is only Phase 1 of the larger project of finishing both buildings, we are very excited to get started.

This post is to give you a heads up that in the next month or so we will be coming to you with details about the project: what will take place in the space, the help we need to do the work and the funding we need for the project. For right now, we simply want to let you know what is coming so that you can pray and dream with us about a place for our friends to come to.

Here are some specific prayer requests:

• Pray that the details of architectural and mechanical drawings and the City of Aurora’s approval process would go smoothly.

• Thank God for the partners he has already sent to work on the rehab project.

-Pray for the other partners we need for the work. We are already hard at work so pray for wisdom and safety.

• Pray for favor in our request to the City of Aurora for $300,000 to help with Phase 1.

• Pray for the rest of the money we will need to raise for Phase 1. We think the basic cost to make that building usable is $500,000–600,000. Then, to add in the commercial kitchen is likely another $250,000-300,000. Pray for God’s provision of those funds. Pray too about being a financial partner with us in the project.

• Pray for the ministry partners who will be involved with us in the space. Again, details will follow but we want you to feel the excitement we feel and join us in praying for the project.

One other thing: As our ministry grows, we are looking for 2 part-time interns to help manage some of the workload. These positions would be around 10 hours a week. One would focus on administrative help and the other on helping with the building and motel ministry. They will provide help for us and also a chance for someone to learn about urban ministry in a hands on way. It would be a great opportunity for a young adult with a heart for the city. If you or someone you know might be interested, you can reply to me via email or Facebook.